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Knowledge Crunch, New Features | Thursday, July 1, 2021 10:28 AM GMT

ZuluTrade is one of the most popular and well-balanced copy trading platforms in the world.
This, of course, is a byproduct of having thousands of active live traders sharing their systems and signals publicly to investors and potential followers.
However, not every trader in this or any other platform is worth copying.
And inside the thousands of good ones, only a handful are special.
In the beginning, it might seem easy to identify those who offer zero value to an investment journey from the ones who show true potential. However, it requires an experienced and trained eye to separate the good from the best.
The creme de la creme.
The 1 in a thousand.
The golden nugget.

CopyTrade with ZuluTrade

This is where ZuluTrade’s experienced professionals come into play.
Having a deep knowledge of the platform and its traders, these experts create automatic and semi-automatic lists with specific filters to track and categorize the best potential ZuluTraders.

This is helpful for an investor.
Not only because the heavy workload is being carried by an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals but also because the monitoring and updating are fully dynamic and routine-like.
Having different kinds of categorized trading strategies can help in a possible diversification increase on a portfolio. Also, each investor has specific preferences and not all can be fully satisfied by one or two types of strategies, so variety offers many choices to a broader audience.
Some prefer an Asian session scalping strategy and there are those who would rather copy a multi basket swing trading strategy.

ZuluTrade usually offers 5-7 Top Trader lists.
Some of the most well known are:

CopyTrade with ZuluTrade

This is a list, which includes the traders with the highest momentum that make regularly new equity highs. The cream of the crop.


Position Sizing experts.
This list is filled with traders that use some sort of position sizing technique. Their system is designed to alter their position size, so they can recover from prolonged drawdown periods. The most common strategies are martingale, marti-grid and percentage averaging based.

Here the Pro Rata mode is mandatory as only this way an investor can correctly copy strategies such as the above ones.


Highest AUM - Amount Following
This is pretty straightforward.
A list with all of our currently active Top Followed traders by live investors.
Here you will find the most popular ones, the ZuluTrade leaders.


Closing all the above, Top Traders lists is an advanced but much simplistic approach at the same time, to showcase the Best possible Traders in any copy trading platform.
ZuluTrade has been implementing this and many other features in the most efficient and transparent way possible. Always showing the highest amount of attention to the smallest details, that differentiates a good trading prospect from a top-notch performer.
Check them for yourself and choose your Top Trader, you never know you might have found a gold mine!!

CopyTrade with ZuluTrade


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